Antivirus & Antispam on email accounts

To limit the damage caused by receiving unwanted mail and mail with viruses, Aruba offers  the Antivirus + Antispam service FREE OF CHARGE with all and email accounts, both new ones and existing ones.

The Antivirus system checks both the incoming and outgoing mail, and is updated on a daily basis with definitions of new viruses.

The AntiSpam allows you to block unwanted advertising mail, known as "spam", by using a customizable filter found in the Webmail.

To manage the service you need to:

- Log into the Webmail by using:
- the full name of the account on which you wish to adjust the filter;
- relevant password;
- Click on: Options --> Antispam in the menu on the left of the Webmail.

You will then reach the service control panel from which you can:

- adjust the sensitivity of the filter
- select settings  
- completely disable the filter.
Depending on the level of sensitivity that you select, the messages may still be delivered; in this case they will be marked as ****SPAM**** in the subject (the original message will be attached to the email itself, unaltered) or they can be rejected directly by the system.

For more information on the service see the relevant guides.

To activate a new email account, simply make a new registration on our website.