In order to ensure further security for the web space of domain names hosted by Aruba, we offer an additional protection system - the FTP Access Filter - which allows customers who own a domain with Hosting service (Windows, Linux or Hosting + Linux), to avoid unauthorized access by third parties or automatic systems.

This article explains how to:

- Enable a list of IP addresses which are allowed to access via FTP to the web space
- Delete an address from the list
- Enable/Disable Filter Timer  

Enabling a list of IP addresses which are allowed to access via FTP to the web space

To enable the filter access the – Customer Area – with your login details and select – FTP access management

The following control panel will appear

On the top right you find the IP address which is used to connect to the web. To configure and enable FTP access, copy and paste it in the box – Your navigation IP address – and click on – Add IP -.

On – Add IP address class - type in the - White list - a list of IP addresses which are allowed access via FTP to the web space (naturally the access will require use of login and password of the domain). Enabling is permanently by default, but can be changed at any time, or disabled for a period of time, thanks to a system which allows you to select a specific time up to which you can disable the IP addresses or the previously selected IP address class/classes.

Once you have added the IP address, you need to save the configuration by clicking on – Save -, if not the address will not be added and therefore will not be allowed FTP access.

The update of the list and consequent enabling will take place after a few minutes of saving, therefore, once you have entered an IP address or an IP address class, access to the web space of the domains associated to the same login, will only be allowed to the entered IP addresses, while all the others will be denied access.

  The list of enabled IP addresses, will automatically be associated to all the second and third level domains with Hosting service (Windows, Linux or Hosting + Linux) active with the same Login, without needing to repeat the process for each domain. The Filter however, cannot be enabled on Third Level domains that have a different Login to that of the second level domain to which they are associated.

If you wish to enable other IP addresses, you must repeat this process by entering the IP addresses you need to authorize.

If however, you wish to enable a network of IP addresses or rather an interval of IP addresses of the same IP Subnet, you must indicate, as well as the IP number, the number of the subnet mask in short form (from /10 to /30), entering the CIDR notation in the relevant window (information for expert users)
by entering the IP you will enable subnet:
by entering the IP you will enable subnet:
by entering the IP you will enable subnet:

If the internet connection you are using is a connection with dynamic IP address (with an IP address that is assigned randomly by the internet), each time you access the internet you must check that the IP address assigned to each connection is allowed FTP access, or you will need to enable it.

Delete an IP address from list

To delete an IP address, or a network of IP addresses, just select it and click on – Delete - remembering to save the configuration.

Enable/Disable Filter Timer

You can remove the filters temporarily and restore them automatically by using the function: - Remove filters until

Once selected, the filters will be disabled, or rather it will be possible to access via FTP from any IP address on the internet, up to the selected time, once that time is reached, the previous filters will be restored and access will only be allowed through the saved IP addresses.