The optional Backup service for Linux Hosting allows you to have a copy of the content of your web space, this copy can be daily or weekly.

Backup copies will be generated automatically and saved on your web space in specific folders named - Backup giornaliero - and - Backup settimanale - (daily backup and weekly backup) which, once the service has been activated, will be found after accessing the web space via FTP.

Every day a copy of the website content will be saved in the Daily Backup folder, overwriting the folder of the previous day. Except on Wednesday evenings when the copy is not saved because the Weekly Backup is performed on Thursday mornings.

The Weekly Backup consists in a copy of the website that is made once a week (generally on Thursday mornings). This copy is displayed for the whole week in the Weekly Backup folder. The following week a new copy is made, overwriting the previous one. This copy will be available all week in its folder.

To download or view the content of the folders, simply access your web space via FTP using the details of the domain.

The FTP client Backup folders are displayed with a date which corresponds to the creation date of the symbolic link which allows access to the service, and not the date of the last Backup.

To restore the Backup copies, click on the link of your choice, select the necessary files and drag them to your local PC, in the section on the left of the graphic interface of your FTP Client, then upload again on the website.

As per contract, in any case the Customer must make a backup copy of the entire content of the web space on a regular basis and store it on a different storage device.