How to save a copy of the email messages sent to an Imap Server folder with Outlook 2003

In case of use of the IMAP e-mail service, Outlook 2003 mail Client does not allow the setting of the special account SENT, which allows saving a copy of all the messages sent inside a folder of the Server.

Actually, the messages sent, by default will be only saved in local, in the Sent Mail folder, preventing, that way, all the people sharing the same IMAP email to view the messages sent to the others.  

However there is a mode which allows saving the messages in a specific folder which can be accessed by all the users of the same IMAP e-mail.

You simply need to create a new rule:

  • Open your Outlook 2003 Client and from the menu “Tools”,  select the field “Rules and alerts” and then “New Rule” to start the guided procedure.
    • Therefore you need to select, inside the section relevant to the creation of new rules, the option “Check message after sending” and then proceed clicking on “Next”;

  • Then in the next window you will be asked to select the conditions which must check that the rule is applied: in this case you will need to select the option “through the specified account”. Clicking on this option, in the below area of the window, the description of the rule under creation will be displayed. Therefore, inside this area you will need to click on the “specified” link and then select the account for which you want that the messages will be saved. Click on “OK” to confirm the selection and then click again on “Next” to end the procedure.

  • From here you can select the option “move message with specific words in the subject to a folder” and, also in this case, in the field below, where the description of the rule is specified, click on the “specified” field, selecting, in the dialogue box which will open, the folder where you wish to save the copy of the message sent (in this case, a folder of the default IMAP account) 

The procedure for creating the rule is ended that way: you will need to click on Finish and then on OK to make it working.

That way, a copy of the messages sent from all the accounts, which will have set the following rule, will be also saved in the specified IMAP Server Folder.