What is the size of the accounts in case of access through IMAP protocol?

The access through the IMAP protocol allows maintaining the email messages directly on the server without downloading them, this makes the access extremely easy in case of use of the account from many position, were them PC, Personal digital assistant or other type of clients.
The messages remain available directly on the email server, occupying on the same server the available space.



Therefore, the access through the IMAP protocol does not affect the account features and does not provide unlimited space: the same will remain in any case of 1GB or 5GB in case of use of the GigaMail.
Just for this reason, the use of the IMAP protocol may involve the exhaustion of the available space, and therefore, we recommend to save periodically the messages considered important and make the space available, deleting some of them from the server.

Moreover, we specify that some email clients marks only the messages as deleted, but actually they remain on the server: however in this case you need to proceed with the complete removal through our webmail or with the options of the same client.