Spamming is when various unwanted messages are sent to the recipient, generally for advertising purposes.
It is performed through any means of communication or media, but currently the most common method is via email.

The purpose of spamming is advertising, and it is used for ordinary commercial offers, selling pornographic, or illegal material, like pirate software and medicine without medical prescription, dubious business ventures, and therefore also becomes a means for fraud.
The spammers, or rather the authors of the spam messages, send many identical messages, or with a few customizations, to thousands of email addresses. These email addresses are often gathered automatically from the net or simply obtained using common names for email accounts.

Since these types of messages cause a considerable amount of inconvenience to  users, Aruba has decided to offer an additional service, which allows you to mark and also reject SPAM messages addressed to accounts, to all the users who already have a registered domain name (or would like to register one). The Antispam filter is combined with the Antivirus filter (Antivirus&Antispam service): the total cost of the offer is of 2.00 Euro a year + VAT.

The technical details of the offer are available in our user guides.

The order to activate the Antivirus&Antispam service can be placed from our Hosting website.