Transfer with Change of Registrant for domains with extension other than .it and .eu

To Change the Registrant during the transfer of a domain with extension other than .it and .eu you need to place an order online from the website and enter the details of the new assignee in the domain owner field.

Once you have completed the order, and made the payment, we shall forward the change request to Open Srs- Tucows, which will then send an email to the contact address of the  current administrative contact to request confirmation of the change.

ATTENTION!!! The Administrative Contact must reply to such email and confirm the change within 5-7 days from receiving it, otherwise the transfer will not be successful and he/she will need to make a new request.

If the Administrative Contact confirms the change, and the domain is registered with a different  Registrar, OpenSrS will send another request email to the current Registrar, who can then reply directly to the request or forward it to the email address of the Administrative Contact.
We also remind you that for .org .biz .info .us .cc .com .net domain names you will also need to provide the Authorization Code of the domain. Such code must be requested directly to the current provider.

To process your request, Aruba reserves the right to ask for further information in order to verify the identity of the persons involved.