To request the Change of Registrant during the transfer of a .eu domain name, you need to place an order online from the website and type in the details of the new assignee in the domain owner field.

When filling in the online order form you will be required to enter the Authorization Code” relevant to the domain, which you need to get from the Registrar with which the domain is currently registered.

If the registrant is not able to get the Code from the Registrar, he/she may get it directly from Eurid, by logging into the whois.

Eurid will send the code to the contact e-mail address indicated in the whois and if such address is not correct the registrant may provide a new one using the provided form online.

The address will be used by Eurid to send a .pdf document with a barcode, which the  registrant needs to print, sign and send back to Eurid, who will process the request and send the Authorization Code to the new e-mail address.

The registrants who get their code from Eurid will need to state why it was not provided by the current Registrar.

The Authorization Code is only provided for active domains. 

The new process above, in effect from the 21st November 2012, no longer involves sending the confirmation previously requested to validate the transfer/change of registrant. 

In any case, Eurid may perform some random checks* and feedback may be required from the registrant of the domain being transferred, whereas for transfers with change of ownership, both the new registrant and the old registrant of the domain will be contacted.

In this case you will have 5 days to confirm the transfer, before the request is cancelled.