By opening the Tools menu of the MS Sql 2005 and 2008 database Control Panel, you will see the following options:

New Query

By using this function you can write a new "query" for the database. The queries allow you to view the  data found in the tables of the database based on specific criteria.
The most commonly used queries are the SELECT and insert queries.
Once you have selected the options of the query in the various fields, you can save it and then view the result by clicking on the "Submit" button.

Generate INSERT script

By using this function you can generate a data insert query related to tables which are specified when creating the query itself.
In the creation page, in fact you can select the database, the table and the fields you wish to use.
Once you have specified the required details, by clicking on "Generate", the corresponding query will be displayed.

CSV Import Wizard

With this function you can fill an entire table in one single operation, using a CSV file saved on your local PC.
In fact you can select: the database in which to insert the data; the table to fill and then select the CSV file where the data is found.

Backup - Restore

From this section you can access the Backup-Restore Control Panel to save and restore backup copies of your database.