Once you have accessed the MSSQL control panel called “myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2005 and 2008”  the following screen will appear:

The page is divided in 2 areas:

  • Navigation menu (on the left)
  • Content area (centre right)
The navigation menu on the left can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the blue arrow found in the top left corner.

(when the navigation menu is hidden the content area takes up all the screen).

     -- Navigation menu

The navigation menu includes the following options:

Connection: allows you to view some information about the connection and also to Log-out of the control panel.

Databases: is the main section of the control panel and allows you to manage all the  databases associated to the login that you used to access.

Tools: where you will find all the main tools for the management of a database

Preferences: from which you can select your preferences, like for example the language and the format of the dates, the datagrid page size etc...

     -- Content area
On the right hand side of the screen you will see the content of the selected menus.
From this section you can create or edit tables, add permissions, roles, users etc.

The page is laid out as follows:

At the top you will find the horizontal navigation menu

Navigation icons:
Up Level: allows you to go up a level in the navigation;
Refresh: allows you to update the content of the page;

Synchronize: allows you to synchronize the content of the page with the navigation menu.

While in each folder, there are various icons you can use like for example:

Open table
View Dependencies
Extended Properties.