What to do in case of malicious code on your website

If you detect a malicious code in your web pages, you need to follow these instructions:

- Check the security of your PC to prevent the viruses, trojans, keyloggers or other similar malware codes, which can allow strangers to steal your personal details making changes of  login and password pointless. For more information on what to do, read the following article: 'Check the security of your PC and your data' 

- Check if there are any published updates for the web applications. If you are using pages that you have written, please check if they are protected against the more common types of web attacks. Further information is available in the following article: 'Keep the published web applications safe' 

- Change the password of the domain, by following the relevant instructions

- Republish the pages that contain the malicious code, removing such code. Update all the installed web applications to their latest versions.