What you can do by using the Control Panel - Management of Redirect with and without mail


Aruba provides its customers a Control Panel to have the freedom to manage the settings of purchased services.

The “Redirect with mail” and “Redirect without mail” services are without web space, therefore they do not include  applications for publishing or editing web pages.
(For more information on the features of the services see the articles titled
Domain registration and DNS Management without mail and Domain registration and DNS Management with mail).

Here below are the applications found in the control panel of the Redirect with mail and Redirect without mail services.

In the 1st section “Control Panel” you will find the general tools indicated in the
relevant guide, whereas the 2nd section “Domain Management” includes the following Tools:

  REDIRECT MANAGEMENT – This application allows you to enter the address where to direct the homepage of your domain. In the next screen, you can enter the address of the domain (without http:// ) where to direct the home page of your Website.
You can choose to show the destination URL or not.
Once you have selected this option click on "Proceed" to complete the process.

For more information see the
Redirect: Control Panel guide.