The WebMail Service of Aruba is a system which allows you to open and manage your Email accounts directly on the Web.

With the WebMail Service you can in fact receive, send and forward Emails; attach one or multiple files; manage the address book and your contacts; manage the folders etc. directly through a Browser, from any computer with Internet access.

You can access:
- For the from the page at
- For the from the page at or
In the login page you need to:


- Enter the full name of the email account

- Enter the Password
- Choose the version of the template you prefer on the WebMail:
• BASIC (basic version with simple management)
• FULL (full version with multiple functions similar to common Email Clients)
• MOBILE (version only used for “mobile accounts” not to select in case of email accounts and accounts activated on hosting services)

- Select the preferred language
- Click on Login to access

Once you have logged in, you can start managing your messages, address book and folders.