How to attach a file when using a WebMail of Aruba - FULL version

Once you have logged in the WebMail of your email account click on the "Compose Mail" button:

In the compose mail screen enter, in the relevant fields, the email address where you wish to send the message, the subject of the message, the relevant text etc. and click on the "Attach File" button to attach one or multiple files to the email, as shown in the image below.

In the following screen you can attach one or multiple files to the message (with multiple uploads of maximum 4 files at a time).

After selecting the file/s you wish to attach, click on the "Attach File" button to confirm your choice.

N.B. By clicking on the "Finish Attaching Files" button the upload will be completed and you will be taken back to the compose mail page.

Once you have attached the selected files, in the Attachments section, found on the right hand side of the control panel, you will see all the files that you have attached to the message. 

If however, you wish to remove one or more files that you have attached, simply click on the trash icon found next to the name of the file.

Once the selected files have been uploaded you can send the message.