The Windows Advanced Hosting Package of Aruba, at a cost of € 70,00/year + VAT includes:

- Registration of one domain with the extension of your choice*;
- Windows Hosting +Mail Service and unlimited storage space on disk;
- Hosting Backup Service: automatically makes backup copies of the web space which can be restored at any time;
- Business Mail Service
- Email IMAP Service to use the IMAP4 protocol and check your emails directly from the server.
- Unlimited Email Service: to create unlimited email accounts with 1 GB storage space with the format:;
- 20 GigaMail: 25 GB of additional storage space (5 GB per package) to give to your domain email accounts;
- Antivirus + Antispam Service;
- 1 GB MS SQL Server Database;
- MS SQL Server Backup Service;
- Statistics Service: to constantly monitor visits made to your website by internet users;
- SiteBuilder Ultra Pack Service: over 700 designs to choose from in order to create and publish as many pages as you like on your web space.

Also included in the offer:

- Aruba Webmail: to create email accounts, alias, mailing lists; configure GigaMails and the antispam filter and check incoming emails;
- Permissions Manager: tool to manage files and folders of your web space and the relevant permissions;
- Scheduled Tasks: tool which allows you to schedule running of applications in the web space of the domain.
- Windows Applications Installer: tool for installing applications such as blogs, forums, guestbooks etc.. useful for creating and managing your own website.
- Control Panel: to manage your domain and the associated services that includes:

  • Tool to check if the FTP service is working correctly;
  • Tool to create a SiteMap for your website.

The Windows Hosting service associated to the domain, is based on the Windows Server 2003 platform and includes native support for ASP language, Access database, Front Page and .NET Framework 3.5.
It also provides support for other languages like Perl and PHP.
You can also purchase more additional services, or Upgrade the services included in the offer, when placing the order or at any other time from your Customer Area. domain names cannot be registered by Aruba, they must be registered through the AgID "Agency for Digital Italy" (Italian public body) by sending the required information. Aruba shall only activate the chosen services which may not be used and/or displayed until the domain name has been registered. 

* It is not possible to purchase the package for domains with .cc, .fm, . tv extension