By using the Control Panel of the Statistics Service you can determine how, when and which Reports to receive.

In “Scheduled Email Reports”,  

you can setup and then view all the Scheduled Reports.

There are three types of Reports:

- Standard Reports, or rather default Reports;
- Favorites, or rather the reports you believe you will use the most; and
- the Custom Reports, that is reports which the user can create, by selecting the preferred fields, by setting also 

To receive the Reports via email the customers must set some mail parameters by logging in as the Administrator, and then clicking on Settings>Website Settings>Email Settings: 




Where you need to enter:

- From Address: (we recommend that you use the Postmaster account, included by default with the domain email accounts).

- SMTP Server:

- Username:

- Password: password of the postmaster account


- Select the ‘Enable SMTP Authentication’ option

- Click on Save

Subsequently to receive the report via email, go to Workspace >

Scheduled Email Reports and then click on New:



You will reach the following screen, where you need to select which reports, how often you wish to receive them and the email address where you wish to receive them.

N.B.: The Reports of the Statistics can be sent to any email address, provided it is active.
This process should also be used for the Custom Reports, which once created, will be displayed in the dropdown menu of the Scheduled Email Reports, as shown below: