1. From the website http://hosting.aruba.it/
  2. From the website http://pagamenti.aruba.it


  1. From the website http://hosting.aruba.it/

enter the number of the order/multi-order you wish to pay for in the box found at  http://hosting.aruba.it/

1.1 The page you get after that will show a summary of the services you have purchased and the relevant prices.
Click on ‘Proceed’

1.2 Select the payment option you prefer and proceed by following the provided step-by-step guide

1.3 Once you have made the payment online, Banca Sella will send a confirmation email to the customer with the result of the transaction.
Aruba will also send a confirmation email to the customer and begin to activate the  services.

If, after receiving confirmation from Banca Sella, you do not receive confirmation from Aruba, or the service/domain order is still waiting for payment, you will need to enter the details of the transaction on the website http://pagamenti.aruba.it, following the instructions found in the article  ’How to send the details of  payments made by Credit Card’.

2. From the website http://pagamenti.aruba.it 
2.1 After entering your Login and Password, select Credit Card in the ‘Paga adesso il tuo ordine’ (Pay your order now) section and proceed

2.2 Enter the number of the order you wish to pay for in the provided box:

After, the process is as specified in article 1.1 and 1.2.