When you transfer files from your pc to the web space associated to your domain you need to bear in mind the following: 

- If the website was created with Microsoft FrontPage any changes and publications must also be made using this program: if you are using FTP clients, the components based on FrontPage extensions (like for example counters, mail modules, etc…) may not work correctly generating errors, and problems may arise when removing the folders.

ATTENTION: You can only use the FrontPage application and publish files if your web space is hosted on Windows 2003 and previous platforms. Domains with Windows Hosting service activated after the 23/06/2011 and all those based on Windows 2008 platform cannot use the FrontPage application as this is not supported.

- Before you copy a folder (and any subfolders) on your web space, you need to check that it does not contain any hidden files or system files, as once such files have been uploaded in the domain they can no longer be deleted.

By using ftp clients, the hidden files are not displayed therefore, once they have been published, they cannot be deleted without the help of our technicians.
If, for example, a folder contains images, a thumbs.db hidden file will be generated automatically within such folder, in order to see a preview of the images.
Once the folder has been uploaded in the domain, the thumbs.db file will no longer be displayed through ftp client and it will not be possible to delete the folder: in this case, you need to open a support 
Ticket  from the Aruba Support website indicating the name of the folder in question, with the name of the domain.