With the Managed option you can receive, for the Dedicated Servers, complete system support for the entire life of the Server.

The Managed service, is especially suitable for those who wish to outsource the management of the Server, as well as be able to configure common Hosting services and includes:
• Access to the Control Panel, to manage customers and their associated hosting services (web;ftp;mail; dns; etc…)
• Hardening of the system, with customized configuration of the security policies on centralized firewall;
• Monitoring of state of server and of the software services, with repairs carried out by staff of Aruba to restore them (24/7/365); 
• Regular update of the operating system
• Compatibility test and possible installation of additional components of the operating system and of the software
• External storage for ftp, http and email logs for one year;
• Phone support and/or trouble ticketing system for reporting possible malfunctions (24/7/365);
• Contact through direct phone line and trouble ticketing system with staff specifically assigned to the Service, for technical advice on best practices on using the service and for any alterations in the configuration of the server (service active during office hours).
This service does not offer admin access to the system; but rather access with permissions for the management of customers and relevant hosting services found in the Control Panel.

The Managed service is available for the following Servers:

• Value Server
• Standard Server
• Professional Server

For more information on how to order the service see the relevant guide.