WebMatrix installation guide

After receiving the activation email of the WebMatrix Managed Dedicated Server from Aruba, you can begin to install and use the application.


WebMatrix in fact proves to be particularly useful for developing simple websites, above all thanks to the provided Open Source applications and the templates and helpers which come with the application.

It may be that in order to install Microsoft WebMatrix, you need to download the free Microsoft Web Platform 3.0 from the website:



1) Click on “Download” and run the file:



The system will then begin to download the files required for the guided installation of the application.

2) Click on “Install” in the next window to proceed with the installation of Microsoft WebMatrix:



3) You will be asked to accept the license terms of the applications that will be downloaded and installed.

Then just select “WebMatrix” to complete the installation of the application.




ATTENTION: remember that in order to use some of the free applications which you can download from the Web Gallery you need to have a MS SQL Server Database.

If you do not wish to install other applications, click on “Exit”.