Read receipt setting on messages sent from the Webmail

With the Webmail, you can receive a read notification for each message that you send.

To enable the read notification request on the Webmail you need to:

Log into the Webmail using your full email address and the relevant password;
Click on: “Options” --> “Preferences" in the menu on the left

Then go in “Messages” --> “Composition” and select, using the provided dropdown menu, the ‘Read receipt’ option.
You can choose from 3 different options:

- Never: a read receipt will never be sent;
- Always: a read receipt will be sent automatically for each message that the recipient receives and reads;
- On Demand: by selecting this option, the “Read Receipt” button will be displayed in the new message composition window.
This allows you to enable the read receipt only on specific messages: to enable it, just click on the button before sending the message.