Upload files in the Web Storage

Files can be placed in the Web Storage from the relevant section found in the Webmail.

To upload a file in the Web Storage you need to:

- Log in the Webmail;
Open the “Web Storage” menu and select the folder where you wish to save the file:

You can then add new folders based on your needs: to add a folder in the Web Storage, simply right-click on one of the folders and then select the “Create folder” option


To add files in the Web Storage folders, you need to click on the “Upload” button and then select, from the dropdown menu: 
   - “Upload”, if you wish to upload a single file in the folder (the maximum size of each file cannot exceed 100MB), or
   - “Multiple Upload” to upload multiple files, quickly and easily, in the folder.
In this case the maximum  size of each file cannot exceed 2MB while the total size of the files uploaded with Multiple Upload cannot exceed 100MB.


ATTENTION: the maximum size for each upload on the Web Storage cannot exceed 100MB at a time.

We also remind you that you cannot upload more than a total of 1000 files in the WebStorage (any folders which contain files will be calculated by the number of uploaded items).

These limits do not change even if the space of the Web Storage is increased.