How to point a domain with DNS Management to your Dedicated Server

If you have a Dedicated/Virtual Server, you can point a domain with DNS Management to the web space hosted on your server.

In the case of Dedicated Servers, it is possible to choose whether to use the Name Servers of Aruba or your own Name Servers, provided that these are always two different IP addresses, even if they are on the same Dedicated Server.

Whereas in the case of Virtual Servers, it is only possible to use the two Name Servers of  Aruba, as the Virtual Servers only have one IP address.

We remind you that a “mixture” of Name Servers is not possible, or rather, either you use both authoritative Name Servers of Aruba, or, if you choose to use different Name Servers, these must be two and both external to Aruba.

To point your domain to the Dedicated/Virtual Server by using the Name Servers of  Aruba, you need to:

 - Create your website on the Dedicated Server and give it an IP address;
 - Access the Control Panel of the domain at:

and enter the following details:

    - Name of the domain;
    - @aruba login
    - Password

 - Once you have gained access, click on the relevant icon to go to the DNS Control Panel through which you can configure the DNS zone of your domain.

- Access the box to manage the A Record from the main page of the Control Panel by clicking on the “Manage” button

- In the “Add A Record” section, you need to leave the “Host” field empty and enter, in the: “IPV4 Address” field the IP address given to the website on the Dedicated Server, and last of all click on “Add Record”.
By following these steps you will configure the domain pointing:

- Then access the box for the CNAME Record settings and enter, in the “Host” field the  string: “www” and, in the “CName” field the name of the domain created on the Dedicated Server, and last of all click on “Add Record”.

To save the settings, you need to click on the “Continue” button found at the bottom of the page and then on: “Save Configuration” to update the settings.


If you have a Dedicated Server, you can change Name Servers at any time, switching from the Name Servers of Aruba to your own Name Servers and vice versa.
For more information on how to change the NS, see our relevant guide.