If you purchase a Package of Aruba you can request to Change the Registrant by following the provided instructions and sending the required documentation, which varies depending on the extension of the domain.

• Change of ownership of .it domain names 
    • Change of ownership of .eu domain names 
    • Change of ownership of domains with extensions other than .it and .eu 
    • Change of ownership of .uk domain names 
    • Change of ownership of .es domain names

In order to proceed you also need to make a payment, by Bank transfer, of the cost of the domain + main service which, 
with the Aruba Packages, comes to € 20,66 + VAT (or rather cost of domain + Hosting service)*

ATTENTION: You must also change the ownership of the Certified Email service and Database, as these are included in the package.

Therefore, together with the Change of Registrant documentation you must also complete the following, for:

Certified Email:

The previous owner is under the obligation to cancel the Certified Email accounts, and related content, before submitting a change request. Said operation remains the exclusive responsibility of such individual and, if not carried out, Aruba shall consider it as a wish to transfer said content to the new owner.


The new owner must send Aruba, together with the rest of the documentation, the Application Form for Certified Email service and the Contract take-over for the certified domain.  




- The Change of Database Ownership needs to be sent to Aruba duly filled in and signed. 


After changing the details, you will need to validate and confirm the contact details of the domain (only if different from .it and .eu).
More information is available in the article “How to confirm the details of the Registrant (owner) of a Domain”

*The Change of Registrant can be requested also during the domain renewal process. In this case it is possible to make a single payment (equal to the cost of the Package renewal) for both operations provided that the change is completed successfully before the domain expiry date: we therefore recommend that you start the process in good time (at least 15 days before the expiry date), to avoid making two payments.