Once you have created your website with WebMatrix, and checked that it works correctly on your local computer and in different Browsers, you can go ahead with the publication which, thanks to the IIS Developer Express, perfectly integrated with IIS 7 found on Windows 2008 Hosting, is simple and immediate.

To proceed with the publication you need to:
Click “Publish” and then “Settings

You then need to configure the publish settings.

Protocol: select the “Web Deploy” option

Server: Enter the address of the FTP server for your domain, example:

User name: enter the @aruba login used to manage the website

Password: and the relevant password

Site name: enter the name of the website, example: domainname.xxx

Destination URL
: enter the complete address of the website, example: http://www.domainname.xxx

Last of all click: Validate Connection: a message will appear telling you if the connection was successful.

If, in order to use the application you need a database, you must click the box indicated in red in the image above and enter the login and password of the database you wish to use (in this case you will need to enter the details of your database) and then click: save.

The system will then check the publish compatibility, and display the results in the following page:

By clicking Continue Microsoft WebMatrix will publish your material.

ATTENTION: it may be that some applications, which run correctly on your local computer, do not run correctly when published.
This may be caused by a difference in the WebMatrix settings and the Aruba Server settings.
To check the settings of the applications see the relevant guide.