Here below you can see how to use Microsoft WebMatrix to create your website.
The guide will show you how to use the free applications.

Some of the parameters required will vary depending on which applications you use.

Select: “Site From Web Gallery

  • Select the application you wish to use,
  • Click Next  
  • And accept the license conditions

The installation process of the selected application will begin.

Then enter the parameters required to install the application.

Select: “Create new database”.

ATTENTION: even if you have a Database you still need to select the “create new database” option.
This in fact allows you to create a new database on which to work on locally: the data found in such database will be automatically imported into your database during publication.

All the other settings must be left as they are: simply enter a password and confirm it in the provided field and then click on: “Next

The application is installed: a screen is displayed summarising the products that have been installed and showing the result of the installation.
For more information just click on: “View Installer Log”.

You can then go ahead and create the website and manage the database from the following page:

It is possible to see a preview of the website you are creating at any time, by clicking the local URL provided by the system:

Microsoft WebMatrix also allows you to see a preview of your work in the browsers to see if there are any errors.

To do this click: Run and then select a browser from the list that appears.

it may be that some applications, which run correctly on your local computer, do not run correctly when published.
This may be caused by a difference in the Microsoft WebMatrix settings and the Aruba Server settings.
To check the settings of the applications see the
relevant guide.