Domains activated recently with the Windows Hosting service, are based on the Windows 2008 platform which supports the 3.5/4.0 Framework.

Should the operating system of your domain be based on the Windows 2008 platform, in the Control Panel you will find the Framework and Pipeline mode management button,

  through which you can change the default configuration ( 3.5/2.0 Framework compatible and Classic Pipeline Mode).

You can in fact change the version of the Framework from version 3.5/2.0 to version 4.0.

ATTENTION: to update your Framework settings you must shut down your Application Pool, change the version and then restart the Application Pool.

By selecting version 4.0, you can also select a Pipeline mode, either Classic or Integrated.

Classic mode: Processes will be executed with the same mode provided for by IIS 6, supported by Windows Server 2003;

Integrated mode: by selecting this mode all the requests are executed with a single process, thanks to the integration with

ATTENTION: changing the configurations may cause the website to not work correctly.
Furthermore, the Applications that are already installed or that are configured at a later date using the “Applications Installer” tool will not work correctly.