Adding new images is very simple and intuitive.

After logging into the Control Panel, click the ‘Add Images’ icon.

A page will appear that is divided in two columns, where on the left you will see the structure of the folders found in your PC. Select the folder that holds the images you wish to upload. Once you have opened the folder, on the right you will see the contents. Select the images that you would like to upload, remembering that you can also give the image a title (section under the photo), and rotate it as you prefer using the arrows which appear if you go over the image with your mouse.


If you wish to publish images from different folders you need to select the images, press the   ADD or ADD ALL button and then the SEND button. In this case it is not possible to add more than 10 files at a time.

Whereas, if the images are taken from one single folder you must, after selecting the images, press SEND.

Once the images have been uploaded, they will be placed in the ‘Not assigned items’ section from which you can view them and decide whether to cancel them, put them into a Category or leave them temporarily as unassigned items (without them being included in the PhotoAlbum 2.0).

In any case, you can assign the images to a Category at any time.

The SELECT ALL button can be used when you wish to select all the images that are stored in one specific folder.

If however, after selecting some or all the images, you need to change the settings, simply use the DESELECT ALL button to deselect the images.

ATTENTION: The uploaded images can be assigned to a Category or be kept unassigned. Whereas the images assigned to a Category will be displayed in the Photoalbum 2.0, those ‘unassigned’ will not be displayed.