Change headings (Title, Slogan, E-mail address) of the Photoalbum 2.0

Changing the headings of the PhotoAlbum 2.0 is simple and can be done whenever you like without losing the contents (Images and Videos) nor the structure (Categories and Subcategories).

Click on ‘Heading’:

You will find some prefilled input fields: one for the Title, one for the Slogan and one for the E-mail address which can all be edited.

By selecting the ‘Allow Comments’ option those who visit the Album can enter a comment for each file.

In the Description tag and Keywords tag fields you can enter the description and the meta tags for the search engines.


Attention: For the Title of the PhotoAlbum 2.0 it is possible to use a maximum of 50 characters (including spaces). The Slogan however can be up to 100 characters long.
The e-mail address you enter will be displayed to all the users of the Album; if you do not wish to display it, do not fill in this field