From the “Options” menu it is possible to adjust various settings and the display options of the Webmail sections.


Preferences - Messages


From the Message menu, it is possible to select a set of settings for organizing messages and folders.

Besides the language, the date format and the automatic logout times, you can choose:


-      whether and when to request read receipt for messages

-      the forwarding options, including the original message in the message body, or sending it as an attachment etc.

-      the reply options, selecting also the display options of the reply messages;

-      the composition options, choosing whether to display alternative email addresses


Preferences - Contacts: for selecting the number of contacts to display per page.


Preferences - Calendar: for selecting the default display type and select the date and time format  


Options menu – Signature: for entering a signature in the outgoing messages


Options menu - Password: for changing the password of the account


Options menu - Black List: for creating a list of addresses you wish to block, or rather from which you don’t wish to receive messages


Options menu - Forward / Auto-reply: for managing forwarding options of messages to other email addresses, or specifying the text and how to send automatic replies.


Options menu – Antispam: for adjusting the Antispam filter on the accounts that offer this function.


We remind you that the Antispam filter comes with all the or accounts, whereas for @domainname accounts the Antispam is an optional service and will therefore only be available in the Webmail if purchased.