How to access the management of Aruba E-commerce Services

You can access the management of Aruba E-commerce Services directly through the domain Control Panel
The management of e-commerce Solutions is located within the section Applications>E-commerce solutions.
To manage the service you will also need to click on Manage:


You will display the following screen, where you will need to click again on “Manage”:

If the access to the Control Panel is made with Internet Explorer browser, you will be asked to download and set Google Chrome Frame Plugin.
Therefore in this case you will display the following screen:

You need to proceed with the plugin configuration in order to be able to access the management of Aruba E-commerce Services.

If other browsers are used such as: Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera, you will not need to set  Google Chrome Frame Plugin.

The screen of service management is the following:



From “Start-up” section you can:
- Select the Subject of the Web Site
- Find out the suitable design
- Specify your address

From “Orders” section you can:
- Check incoming orders
- Manage deliveries and transactions
- Set the basket and the order

From “Customers” service you can:
- View your customers
- Create new customers

From “Products” section you can:
- View products on sale
- Enter new products
- Define the category of a product (Types of Product)
- Manage all the features of the product, in addition to availability, texts and shopping lists, through "Product Settings"

From “Contents/categories” section you can:
Manage the Contents and categories of the site

From “Booking system” section you can:
Manage the general settings of the site

From “Design” section you can:
Design your web site, entering logo, header image and background image, even managing  your styles and templates

From “Marketing” section you can:
Manage Marketing for your web site, through social network, search engines etc

From “Setting” section you can:
Manage all the setting of the web site, besides general settings, manageable also by "booking system" section

From “Guide” section you can:
View several guides, useful for the web site management: