Ordering and activating the Aruba SuperSite services

It is possible to activate the SuperSite solutions both as a main service and as an additional service.

Customers who already have a registered and active domain with Aruba (e.g.: www.domain.ext)

• Can buy the SuperSite service (Professional or Easy version) as an additional service by selecting a third level domain name (e.g.:
• Can activate the Free version from the control panel

Customers who want to register a new domain with Aruba

• Can buy the SuperSite service as a main service for the website they wish to register

Customers who don’t have a domain with Aruba

• Can buy the SuperSite service (Easy or Professional version) and activate it on a third level of a  domain owned by Aruba (

Trial version
Everyone can activate a trial version. This version corresponds to the Professional package and is valid for 30 days. After the 30 days you can decide whether to buy the service, choosing to either keep it on a third level of Aruba (e.g.
http://domainname.mysupersite.it) or register the domain and buy it as a main or additional service.