How to transfer a domain with .uk extension from to another provider.

It is possible to transfer a domain that is registered with to another Maintainer/Registrar: nothing is owed to should you decide to transfer your domain name to another provider.

ATTENTION: if the transfer is completed before the domain expires it is important to remember that:

-      Aruba shall not refund the period of service which has not been used;

-      Upon completing the transfer any service that is active on Aruba’s Servers will be  cancelled together with its content: this can then no longer be recuperated (we therefore recommend that you make a backup copy of the material before you request the transfer);

-      You will not have access to the domain Control Panel;

-      The domain email accounts will be cancelled and it will not be possible to reconfigure them until the new provider reactivates the service, therefore there may be a period during which emails will not be received.


To proceed with the transfer:


To transfer .uk domains to another provider you are not required to unlock the domain and get the authorization code as you are for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info etc domains.
To proceed with the transfer of .UK domains you are required to get the TAG Transfer code from the new provider, to which you are transferring to, and send it via Ticket from the Aruba Support website.


The ticket needs to be opened using the login and password of the domain you are transferring.

After receiving the code we shall enter it in the relevant Open webpage and the transfer will be made.