Here below, are some other commands and related default text. From the following link you can download a sample form and an asp page which allow you to send the required commands automatically via a web page: the following text as an example refers to the following mailing list

Sample Form

Information: details on the Mailing List subscription in digest format, or rather daily format (if  active):



To subscribe to the digest, e-mail:

To unsubscribe from the digest, e-mail:

To post to the list, e-mail:

Faq: the specific faqs for this list:



%%% START OF TEXT FILE FAQ - Frequently asked questions for the list <#l#> .

Not yet available.


Notification: notification in case of message not found in archive:



%%% START OF TEXT FILE Sorry, this message is not found in the archive.


Help: Help on how to edit an email, send an email to:

leaving the subject and the text of the message empty.

Info: list of general info, contained in the body of the message notifying the assigned moderator role: