The Attached File Management section works as a temporary archive and is used to store the files you wish attach to your emails uploaded from your PC and which, thanks to the BAM functionare sent in the form of a link.

Therefore, if:

  • you selected the BAM function and established the maximum size of the attachments;
  • you decide to send a file saved on your local PC (and not in the Web Storage)
  • the size of the selected attachment exceeds the set limit,

the file will be automatically saved in the Attached File Management section: this way, the file will be archived in a reachable space, so that the recipient can then download it and display it simply by clicking on the link sent in the email.

The files saved in the Attached File Management section will be available for the recipient, only for a given period of time which will be indicated in the email with the link to the attachment.
After the specified date, the files will automatically be cancelled by the system.

It is possible however to access the Attached File Management section 
from your Webmail at any time and delete any of the existing files.

N.B.: If the files in the Attached File Management section are deleted, they will no longer be available to the recipient of the attachment.

Attention: the space that is occupied in the Attached File Management section will contribute to increase the percentage of space occupied in the Web Storage.