How to access the Aruba WebMail control panel

Aruba provides a single multifunction control panel which users can use with any Aruba email account. The control panel features 2 separate sections: “WebMail” and “Manage”. 

The control panel is available at:

From the WebMail Tab:
 you can check: 

-    any of the following Aruba email accounts: @domainname.ext,, 
-    your Aruba PEC email accounts

You also have the option of selecting one of
three versions of the webmail. To distinguish each version is the graphical interface: from a visual and intuitive version to one that comes with all the features aimed at expert users.

The Manage Tab: is the section limited to postmasters for managing domain email accounts. 

The special features of the postmaster account allow you to: create, edit, manage and delete domain email accounts, aliases, auto-responders and mailing lists. 
Please see our relevant guide.

PEC Postmasters can access directly through the “PEC control panel”.