By logging into the Webmail with the Postmaster account details and going to the Management – Email Account Management menu, you can create a blacklist, or rather a list of addresses considered as “unreliable”, in order to block any email messages sent from these senders.

The Blacklist can be enabled both on single accounts and on aliases.

To enable it click on the icon in the Blacklist column next to the account you wish to enable it on.

Specify the addresses to add to the Black list:

·        To block the messages sent from a single address, enter the full email address and then click on: “Add to list”

·        To block the messages sent from the accounts of a specific domain, enter an asterisk and then the name of the domain you wish to block, e.g.: *@domainname.ext

·        It is also possible to block all the addresses of the accounts associated to a domain and relevant subdomains even with different extensions. In this  case you will need to put more asterisks as shown in this example: *@*.domainname.*.

Should one of the blocked addresses attempt to send an email to the account with the blacklist enabled, the email will not be received and the sender will receive an error message specifying that the email has been considered as “spam” by the recipient’s account.