How to enable Business Mail Chat from the e-mail management panel

All accounts with the Business Mail service include a new functionality called "Business Mail Chat" which allows users to send instant messages (chat) to all other e-mail accounts of the same domain.

How to enable e-mail accounts to the use of the Business Mail Chat

The Business Mail Chat functionality must be enabled through the management panel of the postmaster account.

Gain access to by typing in:

- The e-mail address: postmaster@domainname.ext
- and its relative  password (the same of the domain login, if not modified):

Click the highlighted icon from the “postmaster” menu, which is in the upper right corner, then select  “Gestione”:

As a result of this selection, the following screenshot with the list of all accounts associated to the domain appears.

How to enable the single e-mail accounts to the use of the Business Mail Chat service

Enable the single accounts: you can find the button “MODIFICA”  on the right side to enable or not the Business Mail Chat service for each account of the domain.

Select the option specified below to enable the chat for the single account:

Then click “SALVA IMPOSTAZIONI BASE” to complete the operation:


- Tick green colour: the chat is enabled for this account:


- with no tick: the chat is disabled for this account:

How to enable the “Business Mail Chat” service for all accounts of the domain

Inside the Gestione area of the postmaster account:

click “Gestisci” from the left menu:

and select the “Chat” menu

The following screenshot shows two selectable fields:

- ABILITA: Business Mail Chat is active for all domain users;
- DISABILITA: Business Mail Chat is not active for all domain users.

Click the highlighted button to save the changes and complete the operation:

At this point all accounts enabled to the use of Aruba Business Mail Chat can chat with each other  directly from the webmail panel or through instant messaging clients. For further information see also our guides