Payment for PEC (Certified Email) service by credit card

Credit card is without a doubt the easiest and quickest method of payment. After ordering or  renewing your standard/free PEC accounts (,,,,,, the last step of the process, is to make the payment by credit card.

The details of your credit card, are registered at the time of payment. The first request to charge your credit card, for the first renewal, will be received 7 days before the expiration date.

This article shows you how to:
- Pay for your PEC service by credit card
- Manage your credit card

How to pay for your PEC service by credit card

It is possible to make the payment using either of the following methods:

- By going to the PEC Control Panel, and clicking - Pay -
- Or by going to and entering your Aruba login and password in the provided fields 

Click – Sign in -

Then select the method of payment – Credit Card - and click  - Pay Now -

The control panel will then show a summary of your orders waiting for payment. Simply enter the order number in the provided field and click - Continue -

Select the credit card you wish to use and click - CONTINUE -

If you wish to use a different card, just select - New Credit Card - and click - CONTINUE – to start the process.

In this case you will be directed to the Banca Sella site, where you will need to enter the details of the new credit card. Complete the process by confirming your details and then click - Continue – to make the payment.

The payment has been successful and will be processed through Banca Sella. The system then confirms the payment via email using your contact email address.


How to manage your credit cards

After logging in at, simply go to – Manage credit cards -

In this section you will find a list of the credit cards which have already been registered. From this page you can:

1_ Change the Credit Card

To do this, click - EDIT -

and confirm again in the following page:

This will take you to the Banca Sella website, where you can edit the credit card details.

2_Remove the Credit Card

Click - REMOVE -

The following window will appear allowing you to confirm and complete the process.

For more details on how to associate a specific order with a credit card, directly from the PEC Control Panel, see our user guide.