Each domain status corresponds to a specific status of a domain name registration. You can check the status of your domain, once registered, at any time from the Nic.it site by running a Whois search.

Here below is a table complete with the status codes for .it domains and relevant descriptions:



active or ok

Domain is registered and active.


This Renewal grace period begins at midnight of the domain  expiration date. During this period,  Registrars can submit a request to delete the domain name. If said request is not received within 15 days, the Registry will extend the expiry date by one year and the  domain will revert back to the  “OK” status.


Bulk transfer of domain names from one Registrar to another.


With this status code the Registrar prevents the unauthorized transfer of the domain name to another  Registrar.

The Registrar can only prohibit the transfer upon official request of the competent authorities. 


This status prevents all changes to the domain, and allows only the removal of said status.


Status code indicating the domain is inactive and cannot be changed,  in the event of legal proceedings initiated on the domain concerning its use and/or assignment.

In this  case, the only possible modification is the removal of the  “clientHold” status by the  Registrar.


This status code is used in either of the following circumstances:

- The Registrar no longer has an active contract with the Registry;

- The “Change of Registrar” was not successful passing the  autoRenewPeriod.


Domain not renewed due to insufficient credit.

In this case, the Registrar has 30 days, from the first warning, to  recuperate the domain.


This status code indicates the domain is inactive, more specifically the domain has been  revoked by the Registry and  therefore is not available for  registration.


Domain put on hold by the  Registry and therefore inactive.


This status code indicates the domain name has been successfully challenged or is to be reassigned. Therefore such domain may only be registered, within 30 days, by the person/entity who initiated the challenge.


For this domain the Registrar has no active contract with the Registry. This status is kept until the expiry date and the only change possible is the change of Registrar by the Registrant.


Status code indicating that the Registrar has requested the deletion of the registered domain on behalf of the Registrant. The only possible operation is the  recuperation of the domain, by the Registrar, within 30 days from the assignment of such status.


Indicates that a request to transfer the domain to a new Registrar has been submitted. The domain will keep this status for a maximum of one day and during this period the “old” Registrar can veto changes to the Registrar subject to official notice from the competent authorities.

If the change is not cancelled by the new Registrar or rejected by the old Registrar within such period, the request is  automatically approved by the  Registry.


Indicates a Bulk Transfer is being processed.


The domain will be held in this status for 5 days and indicates a request for change of authoritative nameservers. If the new DNS configuration is not validated successfully by the Registry within this period, the domain will revert back to the previous status.


This status code prevents your domain name from being deleted. The domain can be either: updated, renewed or transferred.


With this status code the Registry prevents your domain from being transferred to another Registrar.


With this status code the Registry prevents your domain from being updated.


Status code indicating that the domain name is not assignable to a Registrant.