Changing the Registrant due to death is a modification of the holder/owner of a domain held by a natural person due to universal or particular succession.

- When to ask for the change
- Domain expiry
- Necessary Documentation
- Possible extra documentation and procedures
- Domain with Database

When to ask for the change

You can change the Registrant upon death in two moments. By using the following table it is possible to identify the correct procedure depending on the moment in which the change is required.






No addition to the costs of the domain renewal.


The process must be completed within the expiry date of the domain.



We recommend starting the procedure in a timely manner
(at least 15 days before expiry)


Additional costs.


Domain registration cost (.it, .com)


Basic Service (ex: Hosting, DNS Management...)

To determine the exact price
please see our price list.



Postal money order or Bank transfer.

In the reason of payment please write the Domain Name which needs to be modified.

Domain Expiry

The expiry date of the domain will not be subject to variations.

Necessary Documentation

- Copy of the ID of the new Registrant who will have to prove to be the legitimate successor of the deceased Registrant;

- Change Registrant Due to Death Form duly filled in and signed by the new Registrant. See available Sample copy with relevant instructions to fill in the form.

- Copy of the Death Certificate.

- Declaration of Heirs Form (to fill in and send only if there is more than one successor). See available Sample copy with relevant instructions to fill in the form (Form B).

- Payment receipt for Registrant change (only if it is not requested at the same time as domain renewal). The necessary documentation must be received within 15 days from expiry.

Possible additional documentation or extra procedures* (please verify below if further documentation is necessary depending on the domain type and services).

During the process, if the new Registrant does NOT intend to “Change Billing Details” or to “Change Login and password”, it is necessary to specify it in the Form by ticking the relevant boxes. 


Possible Additional Documentation and

Extra Procedures

Please verify with the following table if you need to submit additional documentation or follow extra procedures, depending on the type of domain which needs to be changed.

.IT Domain

.EU Domain

Other Domains

Additional documentation

Statement of responsibility for a natural person filled in with the same data of the Change Registrant upon Death Form.




No additional documentation or extra procedure





Extra procedure

Following the Change of Registrant it is necessary to confirm the contact details of the domain.


Further details can be found on the article:

How to confirm Domain Registrant (owner) details”.

Domain with Database


To change the ownership of the MySql or MSSQL databases you must follow this procedure: Change ownership of MySql and MS Sql database.




All necessary documents can be sent either:

  • By opening a Ticket through which it is possible to send directly the scanned documents.
  • By Fax to the number +39 0575/862100.


Fill in the Forms using CAPITAL LETTERS.

If the details entered are not clear, the request may be rejected.

Aruba reserves the right to request further documentation (Company Registration Certificate, Company Statute, Notary Certificate, etc...) in order to verify the identity of the persons involved.