In order to protect your account, we suggest to change your personal account password periodically.
The password for domain accounts (such as: accountname@domainname.ext) can be changed by the postmaster user (see relevant guide) or by the user account manager. See how below: 

- Click on Preferences
- Select the symbol @
- Then select Password

In the provided spaces:

- Type in your current password;
- Type in and confirm your new password;
- Click on -SAVE- to end the process.


Suggestions for an effective password:

•  It must not contain words you can find in a dictionary;
•  It must be complex:
•  It must contain small  and capital characters together with numbers and punctuation signs;
•  You must use a single password each time;
•  You mustn’t share your password online;
•  Try not to use passwords containing personal information (such as: name, surname, year of birth or similar information).