The following article shows how to:

Create a new contact in your Address Book
Create a group of people

How to create a new Contact in your Address Book

Once you have entered the Aruba Beta WebMail panel:

1. Click on Contacts
2. Select the Personal Tab
3. Click on -NEW CONTACT-

After this operation the following page will open requesting information on the profile of the person to add: Firt Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company, Email, etc..
Click on -SAVE- to save all the information of the new contact.

How to create a Group

Among many options available on the Aruba Beta Webmail, the panel offers the possibility to create Groups of People to send messages with the broadcast feature (to send a message to many contacts at once, that is to the whole group).

1. Click on Contacts
2. Select the Admin Tab
3. Click on the + icon

- Type in a name in the provided space
- Click on -Ok- to save

Once the group has been created it will appear in the submenu list of all the Groups.

Managing a Group:

To modify a Group: click on the icon shown in the image, related to the group which you want to Modify and/or Delete


How to add a Contact to a Group:

Once you have entered the WebMail Beta Aruba panel:

4. click on Contacts
5. select the Personal Tab

Then double click on the contact which you want to add to a Group:

1. Click on the button;
2. On the resulting menu, select the existing Group to which the contact will be added;
3. Click on -Add- to complete the operation:

All the contacts belonging to a Group will be identified by the icon and the name: -
+ Group Name - a cui sono associati: