The Forwarding Option permits the users of Aruba to deliver incoming mail to another email address and also to activate an auto reply message to communicate your absence to the people who write to you. The following article shows all the possible options which can be managed with this option.

How to activate the Forwarding option
How to activate the Auto Reply Message
Message Forwarding Settings

How to activate the Forwarding option

1. Click on Other > Options 
2. Select the @ icon
3. Click on -Forward/Auto-reply -

4. Tick the optional box -Forward to-;
5. Use the space provided to type in the email address to which all incoming emails will be forwarded;
6. Only if necessary, activate the option -Save a copy of the forwarded messages in the inbox-:


To complete the operation click on -SAVE-

How to activate the Auto-reply Message

Commonly known as ‘Autoresponder’, this option is useful when you are out of work or on holiday. It permits you to inform the people who write to you with a message. To activate this option:

Click on -Other > Option-
2. Select the @ icon
3. Click on -Forward/Auto-reply-


4. Select the Enable option;
5. Use the provided space to type in: the Subject and Content of the Message;
6. End of the auto-reply: select a date in which the option will be disabled:

• Tick the box -Enable time limit-;
• In the provided space next to the box select a date when the option will be disabled;
• Use the option -Send at most- to limit the number of messages sent in a specific period of time to the same email address.


Message Forwarding Settings

Forwarding is an option which can be customized with a postmaster account or through a user account thanks to some options. Let’s see how:

1. Click on Other > Options 
2. Select the   icon
3. Then click on Messages
4. Select the Forward Tab

On the following page you can chose the options which better fit your requirements.

Different options to add the content of the original message to the content of the forwarded message:

- add the original message’s text in the forward message text and attach the original message's files;
- attach the original message's files and attach the original message's text in a separate text file;
- attach the original message as an encapsulated message;
- add only the original message's text.

Once you have chosen the desired option, click on -SAVE- to complete the operation: