Aruba Email service: new functions and options for the use and management of email accounts

Aruba is pleased to inform you of the important changes made to the Email service provided with the domain email accounts.

Innovations and improvements have affected not only the Aruba Webmail and the existing email services, but also the management of domain email accounts, making the email service complete and efficient.

Among the main new features and improvements made, you will find:

• MAIL ADMIN:  a new Control Panel to manage email accounts, provided free of charge by Aruba for each domain name that is purchased with email service.
Available directly from the Webmail by using the login details of the Postmaster account, the new Control Panel allows you to, through one single login, check your email account  and create and manage domain email accounts, alias, auto-responders and mailing lists, thanks to the integration of various management functions in the main menu.

• MULTIPLE GIGAMAILS: all those with a domain including email service may purchase, at any time, an unlimited number of GigaMails and choose the capacity of the domain email accounts, increasing it up to 10GB for each account;

The Aruba Webmail, has also been improved and now includes the following functions:

• SENDER SETTING: to set a different email address to display as the sender of sent emails.

• REPLY-TO SETTING: allows you to set, for outgoing messages, an email address for replies that is different to the sender address.

• SIMPLE AND EXTENDED SEARCH: the function has new options, for more thorough searches based on multiple criteria;

You can see all the new features and try them out directly from the Webmail at:

By using the login details of the Postmaster account, you can also access the new Mail Admin Control Panel. For more information on the service, see the user guides.