Aruba Press Release

On the 08/07/2011 around 12.00 at the Webfarm 1 of Arezzo there was a power cut caused by a failure in the electrical system, unpredictable consequence of the fire which broke out on the 29th April in the  power centre of the facility in question.  

The power supply was restored within 30 minutes of the event, while restoration of certain services took longer and was completed in the afternoon.

In order to overcome the possibility of a reoccurrence of similar events, major work is being performed.

In particular the work started in the beginning of May to double all the electrical system of the Webfarm 1 is being completed. This will increase the redundancy of all the electrical systems, which will reach the standards of the new Webfarm 2, therefore improving from N+1 to 2xN. The activation of the second power centre, scheduled for September, will also bring the completion of the preventive replacement and update work of all the components of the current power centre.

Additional work in progress is aimed at evolving the current Business Continuity scheme through the move, previously planned and in the process of being implemented, of the redundancy systems, of Webfarm 1 to the new Webfarm 2 (currently divided in two floors of Webfarm 1). This way even a general failure of one of the two facilities will not affect the provided services. The new Business Continuity scheme will be applied from as early as the next few weeks to the systems which host the email and hosting services and will then be extended to all the other services.

Aruba S.p.A would like to thank customers for their understanding and informs that the Support service can be contacted for any communication or request.