ATTENTION: E-mail from “ARUBA.IT WorldWide Webmail Service”

Notifications and requests of explanations concerning the reception of e-mails with sender: ARUBA.IT WorldWide Webmail Service <>.

The e-mail, with purpose of informing the customers of the overcoming of the available space limit and the account cancellation, urges the recipient to click a link to check his account.

We invite all the customers to pay great attention, because Aruba S.p.A. has nothing to do with the sending of this e-mail and does not know the sender.

We also please you not to click on the provided address, because it may be a web site expressly created to misappropriate of sensitive details concerning the e-mail accounts.

We report below the text of the E-mail arrived to the customers:

“Dear: ARUBA.IT webmail subscriber,
We hereby announce to you that your email account has exceeded its storage
limit. You will be unable to send and receive mails and your email account
will be deleted from our server. To avoid this problem, you are advised to
verify your email account by clicking on the link below.
Thank you.
The ARUBA.IT Management Team.”

Aruba S.p.A. Service