Windows Applications Installer: free tool now provided with all domain names with a Windows Hosting service.

All those with a domain name and Windows Hosting or Windows+Linux Hosting registered  with Aruba, can now use the new free Tool called Windows Applications Installer.

This application allows you to install various open - source applications on your web space which can be used to create forums, blogs, e-commerce websites, without having to  install any additional software.

Extremely user-friendly and quick to install, Windows Applications Installer allows you to add the following applications to your web space:

·, Subtext and used to create and manage  blog and forum platforms;

·         MojoPortal, Small Business Site Starter Kit and Screwturn Wiki allows you to  create and manage websites which cater to different needs even if you don’t have any technical skills;

·         NopCommerce will provide valid support for the creation of e-commerce websites, management of on-line catalogues and shopping trolleys;

·         Media Library Starter Kit, used to create a set of multimedia items which can be shared with other users.

The service is intuitive and easily managed through the control panel, found in the Control Panel of your domain.

Further information about the service, is available in the Guides and Useful Information at: